Here's the thing.
I don't take myself seriously and oh fuck yes I do, all at the same time.
I am (you are) cosmic stardust, literally, like not even a little bit woo woo nearly all the elements in the human body were made in a star. And I am consciousness - a spirit having a human experience. I can hear plants whisper, I get scared the shit outa things that visit me in meditation. I can connect into a power both greater than myself and that which is my Self at the same time. I can lay my hands on people and sense their energies. I also sometimes put bronzer all over my body cos I think my fat looks better when it's not so pastey white. I colour my hair, knot it, grow it out, sometimes even brush it when I'm feeling extra special. And recently I had my eyebrows tattooed. I went back three times, fully committed to the process, and now I look in the mirror and think Holy fuck that was a good idea my friend. Self Appreciation. I'm not going to say Self Love, because I actually don't think loving your vessel is all that important (contrary to Instagram popular belief)... I don't need to love this body, but I sure do appreciate it. And today I'm feeling a million bucks because my eyebrows look fucking amazing.
Full stop.
The End.
#SaveYourLife #GetGoodEyebrows (tattooed by the legendary @designereyebrows_bynikki)

My name is Hayley, and you are so welcome here. 

I live in an old stone home, tucked away in the middle of bushland in the south west of Australia.

I am a mother, a wife. I am a writer, a sacred space holder. I am a reiki practitioner, an intuitive plant spirit medicine worker.

I tend to the soil and grow my family’s food. I coax flowers from their seeds, and make music with their petals. I spend my days almost entirely by myself and always, always weave creativity into my days.

For the past decade, I have been slowly establishing a relationship with the plants that have been sprouting up all around me- from the bright yellow dandelion flowers that eventually turn into whispers that float by me as I sit in meditation, to the lavender that is bursting out of its foot in the dirt, greeting everyone as they come to the front door. The deepening friendships I have made with our green allies over the past five years in particular, have been what helped me make the plunge into offering my simple remedies. I wanted to be able to share this connection, offering the nurturing gifts of the plants to other people that may find them as magical as I do. These offerings have turned out to be extremely well-received all over the world, and I feel so extremely grateful for these connections.

So here we are. I subscribe to the wise woman healing ways- simple plants, simple processes, deeply nourishing remedies. I am not classically trained, I am not to replace any medical practitioner, I am just me- offering what I have learnt- to you..