hayleygemma- homegrown spiritual plant remedies

Sweet friends, Hello!

My name is Hayley, and I am SO happy for you to be here.  Thank you so very much for supporting me in carving out this tiny, little corner on the internet.  

A little bit about me... I live in an old stone home, tucked away in the middle of bushland, surrounded by dairy farms and blue gum plantations. I am a mother to three children- two teenage boys, and a seven year old little girl. I've been married to Chadd for 15 years, and my goodness what a journey we've had! For now though, we are settling down a little on our 25 acres, with big dreams to convert this land from the dry, cleared space it was, to a thriving green healing garden. 

In the past couple of years since moving here, I have been slowly establishing a relationship with the plants that have been sprouting up all around me- from the bright yellow dandelion flowers that eventually turn into whispers that float by me as I sit in meditation, to the lavender that is bursting out of its foot in the dirt, greeting everyone as they come to the front door. The friendships I have made with our green allies are mostly what helped me make the plunge into offering my simple remedies. I wanted to be able to share this connection, offering the nurturing gifts of the plants to other people that may find them as magical as I do! So here we are. I subscribe to the wise woman healing ways- simple plants, simple processes, deeply nourishing remedies. I am not classically trained, I am not to replace any medical practitioner, I am just me- offering what I have learnt- to you.

This space is going to evolve into a place of community and connection. I can feel it deep within my bones. Until then, I hope to see you around. You can send me an email anytime you have a question, or visit me on instagram to hear my day to day ramblings. 

Thank you again for being here. I am so very grateful xxx