Facial Love Mist

Facial Love Mist

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Once sold out, this product won’t be available again till the end of summer, as I grow and harvest all my own plants in their natural environment.

A beautiful facial remedy, working on both the physical and spiritual planes to heal negative Self Love issues.

CONTAINS- 100ml Carrot Seed Hydrosol plus the energetic Australian Bush Flower essences of Billy Goat Plum, Fiver Corners, Mountain Devil and Spinifex.


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Botanical Name:  Daucus carota

Origin: Organic Artisan Distilled in Bridgetown, Western Australia

Plant Part:  Seed head

Distillation Date:  January 2018

Shelf Life:  approximately 2 Years

This Carrot Seed used was collected on a warm summers morning, and distilled in fresh rainwater collected from the property.

The result is a beautiful healing water that soothes skin rashes, inflammation, and damaged skin; and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells. Carrot seed hydrosol is an overall tonic and restorative, used to help the body adapt to changes of the seasons.


Billy Goat Plum: helps to bring about an acceptance of the physical body, especially when there is a feeling of self-loathing or self-disgust.

Five Corners: for the love and beauty of Self. The essence brings about a beautiful energy flow to the physical, causal and emotional bodies. It aids in the healing of pimples and acne.

Mountain Devil: allows unconditional love and acceptance to flow. It clears away the hatred and any other feelings blocking the expression of self love.

Spinifex: has a cleansing action, used topically to heal all manner of skin lesions, including acne.