Memory Mist

Memory Mist


A significant remedy to use when it is important to be focused and clear of mind. Shakespeare called Rosemary, ‘the herb of remembrance’, as it is known to help the brain in recalling and retaining information. Blended to include specific flower essences for learning, this mist is perfect for those studying new material, or trying to grasp new ideas, (ie. studying for exams!).

CONTAINS- 100ml of organic Rosemary Hydrosol, plus the energetic bush flower essences of Bush Fuchsia, Macrocarpa, Old Man Banksia and Paw Paw.

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Botanical Name:  Rosmarinus officinalis

Origin: Organic Artisan Distilled in Bridgetown, Western Australia

Plant Part:  Leaves and Flowers

Distillation Date:  June 2018

Shelf Life:  approximately 2 Years

The Rosemary used in this hydrosol was collected on a chilly winters morning as the dew dried, and was distilled in fresh rainwater collected from the property. 

The result is a beautiful healing water that helps bring about mental clarity, giving the brain vitality and health. 

Rosemary hydrosol is also great for:

- Pain. Spray it on arthritic joints, muscle cramps, sports strains and sprains several times throughout the day for relief.

- Acne and pimples. It reduces oily skin, tightens pores and decreases large pores on the skin.

- Hair Growth. Spray at the roots of your hair to stimulate the follicles. 

- Body deodoriser. Spray under arms whenever needed. Perfect if you are sensitive to the chemicals used in deodorants. 

- Bug repellant. Spray all over body to prevent bites from mosquitos, sand flies etc. 


Bush Fuchsia: The best flower for studying. Gives balance to the brain. 

Macrocarpa: for endurance. When you have to push yourself through something, Macrocarpa will help you do that.

Old Man Banksia: for staying power.

Paw Paw: used for the integration of information. It is fast acting and helps with organistaion, structure, and logic.