Yarrow Hydrosol- SOLD OUT

Yarrow Hydrosol- SOLD OUT


I have been growing Yarrow now for the last few years, after being gifted a cutting from a friend who lives locally. I have been nurturing this plant from its baby roots, right through to its now profusely blooming state.

Yarrow hydrosol has quite an earthy aroma. It isn’t as sweet smelling as its essential oil counterpart, but I personally love the herby notes it produces.

Use this hydrosol as a toner to help clear acne, due to its cleansing and detoxifying actions.

Yarrow Hydrosol can also instantly soothe the itch of insect bites, and sunburn, as well as provide relief from eczema and psoriasis (keep me in the fridge for a cool soothing spray!).

Energetically, Yarrow hydrosol can help a healer strengthen their boundaries. As an empath, it is important for us to be open, but without taking on the burden of anothers heavy load. Yarrow helps give us an open protectiveness, in order to do ‘the work’ with loving boundaries.

Yarrow can be helpful for the “wounded healer” or those who work in helping professions such as teaching and social work.

This is a very limited release as I make my hydrosols ONLY from the plants I grow, and harvest only when they are full and healthy. There will not be another Yarrow Hydrosol made any time soon.

sold out
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Botanical Name:  Achillea millefolium

Origin: Organic Artisan Distilled in Bridgetown, Western Australia

Plant Part:  Leaves and Flowers

Distillation Date:  March 2019

Shelf Life:  approximately 12 months

The Yarrow used in this hydrosol was collected on a cool Autumn morning as the sun rose over the blue gums, and was distilled in fresh rainwater collected from the property. 

The result is a beautiful healing water that helps bring about relief from itching skin, helps heal the skin from acne, and can be used in energetic work on a spiritual level.

Please note: Overuse may cause skin photosensitivity, dizziness and headaches in some people. However, rarely is an individual sensitive to Yarrow. Avoid during pregnancy.