The Making of the Rose

It was a hot summers day in the middle of November, when a very generous person in the community offered her entire rambling rose garden to me for the pickings. I had been wanting to make a rose hydrosol but my roses weren't producing more than one bud at a time, so I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to have a beautiful big bunch of organically grown rose petals at my disposal. I bundled myself into the car, and headed out for the short few minutes drive it took to reach her garden. When I arrived, I was blown away by just how many roses were growing- and the varieties! So many different types!

I set about first admiring all the flowers, taking a moment to connect into them, allowing myself and the plant's time to establish a gratuitous relationship- something I believe is so important when we are looking to make herbal medicine. It wasn't long before I found myself slowly filling up my wicker basket with all the different shades of pink. I made certain to choose the roses with the most fragrance, those that not only looked pretty, but that smelt divine as well. 

It was an absolute heavenly experience, and I really felt like my heart would burst with all the beauty surrounding me- as well as the prospect of what kind of remedies would come out of these plant offerings. After I'd filled my basket (and then some!) I got chatting to the owner of the garden. She was laying, basking in the warm rays of the summer sun, and she soon begun telling me how she was actually in the midst of a really traumatic health crisis. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and was going in for a mastectomy and radiation treatment in a few days time. What would have very obviously been a struggle for her to speak about, she shared with me openly and with gentle dignity. As I was listening to her, I felt very strongly that I was there to make medicine from her garden, specifically to hold her through the pain, grief and anxiety that would all come to greet her soon enough. I asked what her most favourite rose was, if there was ever the ability to choose one at all, and she answered with an emphatic 'Yes!'. She led me over to a corner of the garden, to a rose bush tucked away between the old fence posts. It was old and its stems were a little bit straggly. The plant was really not one that would have stopped me in my tracks to begin with, but once we were standing before it, it was quite obvious that the owner and her rose were deeply connected. The rose was lovingly called 'Turkish Delight' and I knew at that moment, the most special flower essence I have worked with to date, was about to come into being. 

Rose Flower Essence Hayley Gemma

I made this flower essence at home, placing the rose buds gently into a crystal bowl, and resting this bowl in to the middle of my sacred stone labyrinth. There I sat for a moment, and as the seconds passed the most amazing aura started to grow from the rose. I had stashed my phone in my pocket hours before, which I feel was just about the most luckiest thing that could have happened, because it meant I could attempt to capture the absolute magic that was materialising right in front of my eyes. 

hayleygemma Rose Flower essence

Can you see the clear pink aura emanating from the rose as it sits basking in the sunshine?

I felt my breath catch in my throat, and my heart fill with intense love and admiration. I knew then, the strength of this rose, and it's medicine. 


With the essence slowly imparting its magic, I went back inside and decided to make a tincture with the rest of the roses I had gathered. Those jars then sat in a quiet place, out of the glare of natures elements, for three whole moons. 

A rose tincture is wonderful nervine. It is for uplifting the mood and alleviating depression. The rose helps to open our heart chakra, removing blockages, allowing light to flood our pathways. 

Quite simply, Rose is Heart medicine.

It is the ultimate in heart soothing, mind calming, gentle nourishing spiritual love. It is for those moments of anxiousness, of grief, of heartbreak, of relived trauma, of sleeplessness, of worry, and of sadness. The rose is our heart nourisher, she is our gift to help us open, and soften, and strengthen, and accept.


This offering makes for an extra potent healing remedy. I feel so strongly that it is through our hearts, that real change can occur in this world. It is with loving kindness, leading from our heart centres, we can begin to undo and unravel the pain felt collectively on this earth, at this time. We simply cannot have enough compassion, and my hope is that this small bottle of the beautiful rose, can help you make a start in healing old wounds, and moving forward with love. 

We win by tenderness,
We conquer by forgiveness
— Frederick William Robertson

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Much love,