That time I asked my little sister for something...

I asked my little sister for something yesterday. My little sister whom I didn't have much to do with when we were younger mainly because she was little and probably very annoying. In fact, it wasn't until she was about five years old, that I can even place her in my life. We were laying on her bedroom floor and I was teaching her how to write her name. " 'b' is a bat and a ball; the letter 'n' looks like a lump- you have two of them in your name"- over and over I got her to write those letters until I felt she'd understood the lesson. I remember feeling proud, so proud, that I could teach her something, that what I had learnt could be passed on. I look back at that memory now, and I realise it was just the beginning of this relationship- where she asks me for advice, and I willingly share with her, everything I know.  I have been doubtful she truly integrated what it is I've told her over the years- I like to tell her what I think a lot of the time, so I was kind of assuming she had tuned out a long time ago. Turns out, she has not only been listening, she also has been soaking my words, my lessons, my (slightly older lady) wisdom, deep within her bones. 

So, as I started writing above, when I asked my little sister for something yesterday, what I expected from her was a few words, a joke thrown in, and a 'thanks sister love ya' popped in at the end of the paragraph. I wanted a testimonial from her on the journey of going into labour with her newest little baby, and the small role I played in it with my flower essences and gentle plant remedies. What I received though, was something much, much more than I ever could have hoped for. Her words filled my heart, and wrapped up a few days of beautiful synchronicities and nudges from the universe, that I am, in fact, fulfilling my Soul's purpose here on this earth. Instead of putting her story on the bottom of a product, as a helpful encouragement for you to purchase my offerings, I felt this needed its own space, its own journal entry, so that her words dont get lost and everybody has a chance to read them. The following are my sister, Bonny's, words.

The humming of the bees.

The wind beneath the flying birds wings.

The scratching of hungry chooks claws.

The tweet and whistle of playful birds.

The affectionate, loving voice of Banjo to his sleepy brother.

The distant grumble of a tractor.

The throaty crows call.

The rustle of wind between the swaying trees limbs.

The roosters crow.

The neighbours dog barking.

Banjo's birthday monster truck racing. 

My breath. I can hear my breath.

When I sit silently, mainly I hear humming. A welcome tune. A calming silence. The melody of nature. It's always here. I can always tune into it, i just need to stop and listen.

Hayley Gemma- flower essences for the birthing process

I learnt this from Hayley. Not from her words, but from her doing. She does this. She sits and allows the world around her to soak into her skin. She notices the calls, and the way the light moves. Hayley is the only person I know who truly sees the world in this way, and makes time, all the time, to notice it all. 

I'm sitting in my yard, breathing through the tail end of a trying week. Almost every thought I've had this week (and every other week for that matter) has been offloaded to Hayley. A task not easy to show up to I'd imagine, but one she shows up to time and time again. 

Every time I need an ear, she listens. 

This week I have smudged my house with the smudge sticks we made together. I have sprayed my house with the cleansing spray Hayley grew, made and gave to me because I mentioned that i wanted my home to feel more cosy, just like hers. 

This week I have sat up in bed with my newborn, waiting for the sun to rise. Slowly digesting my thoughts, knowing that whenever I need I can call my sister to share everything I have been thinking about and to talk about the night that was. In these moments, I have dissolved under my tongue her rose essence tincture which she grew, made and gave to me so I could feel more loved and centred. It helps me remember who I am

Every night, as we all lay down to sleep, I spray her lavender hydrosol on to our bed sheets and pillows knowing that it will guide us to a more peaceful sleep. I smell it as I close my eyes, and I know that this gentle plant medicine helps. 

When I was pregnant with Clancy, she was so happy for me. Her happiness extended into wanting to help create a peaceful birthing environment for me, so she eagerly went about making a collection of remedies specific to my needs and wants. During my labour, I felt wholeheartedly supported, honoured, loved and safe. As I went through each phase, she was ready and waiting to help and support. She had thought of everything. I don't know the specifics of each tincture and why she used what she did, when she did, but I do know that when I was at the peak of a contraction and Hayley said she had something to help, I was relieved. I knew I was held, and that there was help here, just for me.

Hayley Gemma- flower essences for the birthing process

Before Clancy was born, as Hayley prepared the remedies for our babies birth, she suggested a flower essence to aid in cutting karmic ties. She told me that it can help baby feel grounded and safe. I was keen as mustard for that, so moments after we welcomed him earth side, she was there anointing his fontanelle, whispering gentle words as she gave our baby the medicine of the flowers. I don't know many things, but I do know that from that moment, we have had a very happy baby. He is a relaxed, easy going little man and I believe her flowers played a big part in that. 

Hayley Gemma- flower essences for the birthing process

When Hayley feels passionate about something, she gives it her everything. She doesn't half ass things, she gives everything her full ass. Every time she wants to learn something, she dives straight in. She questions everything. Asks for help. Sits with it, perfects it and then runs with it, and the path just seems to lays itself before her. 

Over the years, and specifically the last 3 years, she has flourished. She has (finally!) allowed herself to be unapologetically true to herself and it has been so very nice to witness. She has a gift. An undeniable, calming and healing gift, and I'm so fucking thankful that I get first dibs.

The medicine is in the flowers, but the medicine isn't the flowers. 

The medicine is Hayley.




I will be adding the medicine she speaks of soon, but for now Im just going to soak in the beautiful blessing of truly knowing I am seen. What a gift to have been given.

Hayley x