Healing Hands- What is Reiki?

I know the concept of going to somebody for a reiki healing session can seem a little but odd, a little bit confusing...maybe even a little bit confronting? What are we doing there? Is it like a massage? Do we have to meditate together? What do I wear? Do I have to be naked? Is it all a bit of hocus pocus?


I hear you.

Before I experienced the healing hands of another, I thought it bullshit to be completely honest. I couldn't quite grasp what it was being offered, and I've realised I felt that way because of one main reason.  In today's society, we like to see the physical and the tangible. We don't want things lightly scented- we want smells to permeate our entire being; we need our flowers not gently coloured by nature, but genetically modified into all the colours of the rainbow on each petal of one individual rose. We are not content with putting medicine within our auric fields- it has to be put under our tongue, dropped onto our eyeballs, pushed up our bums- to have any true effect. We need 'evidence', we need to see what is happening...and reiki does not seem like it would fit into those societal standards in which we uphold today. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that energy healing- reiki in all its forms, channelling light and heat and love- is truly tangible. It is real, and it is palpable, and you will feel the difference a true healing session makes to your body, your mind, and your soul. 

I personally, have trained, practiced, and been attuned to the Shamballa Reiki modality. Shamballa is an extension of Usui Reiki, but is a little different as it combines three sources of energy namely Reiki, Mahatma Energy (I AM Presence energy) and the energies of the Ascended Masters, and focuses on a planetary rather than just personal level. It assists in reconnecting you to the full expression of your being, so that you can experience fulfilment in every aspect of your life.



Participating in one of these sessions can be an absolutely wondrous experience. As I channel the energy through to my hands and into your body, you may feel different sensations, reckonings, and gentle healing occur. It can be as gentle or as transformative as your Self allows. It is not like massage, there will be no hard, strong movements. Neither do you have to be naked- in fact, leave your clothes on please ;-). Shamballa Reiki is extremely passive. I will place my hands on different points of your body when need be, other times I will leave them within your auric field, working on stuck and stagnant energy, holes and tears within your energy space- sending them love and closing them safely. I am not though, in anyway controlling the Shamballa energy. It arises spontaneously through my hands, in response to your individual need for balance at that particular time. You don't have to meditate, you don't have to even understand what it is I am actually doing- all you have to do is lie in my beautiful, sacred studio space, on a comfy table, relax, and trust that you are being held and that healing is occuring. 

Shamballa Reiki is cumulative, even if you did not have any particular noticeable feelings the first time, you will most likely have progressively deeper experiences if you continue. You may also, upon reflection, notice that changes unfold as the day goes on, hours after the session. You may feel yourself feeling more centred, and you may sleep deeper than you previously have the night following. As one of my clients emailed me- " I felt like I was losing my mind this morning but now I feel so much better, and I was able to calmly interact with my boyfriend John [name changed] when he contacted me later on this afternoon".

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Alongside the practice of Reiki, I also love to bring in the nourishing magic of both crystal sound bowls and my homemade plant remedies. I use the bowls in conjunction with the energetic practice of clearing each chakra point- choosing each bowl specifically and placing them either directly on, or near to your body. It is an all-encompassing experience that takes you to a whole other level of stillness and deep relaxation.



The plants I choose intuitively. As an example, I may use a combination of lavender hydrosol (for cleansing and clearing), rosemary for banishing negative energies, and rose to aid in the healing of the heart chakra. I also like to burn my Tune In smoke blend when the client has a particular goal in mind. 

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I’ve seen Hayley a few times now, and I have to say- you are immediately put at ease the minute you drive into the property. Then, after you step out, the welcome hug at the front door makes you feel safe and instantly calms your whole self.

Hayley knows, before you come, just what you need.

The minute you lay down, nothing needs to be said, as Hayley just quietly starts to work on you. Each time I’ve felt a massive shift from the work she has done on me. The sound therapy is soothing and you can feel the vibrations down your body. Hayley’s hands are so healing, it’s an instant warmth on your body. 

I’ve seen several healers in the past, however Hayley is by far the best and most genuine. Her compassion, understanding and beautiful nature is the reason I feel she is so perfectly able to share her gift in helping others. - Tammy


I feel deep within my bones, that this is all a part of my journey here on Earth. I am drawn to, and am continually learning how to, access and harness ancient, spiritual healing practices to help unlock the powerful healing abilities we have contained within ourselves. I am a facilitator of conscious healing, loving energy- I will never claim to be able to 'fix' you, but instead hold space for you to come back into balance. I feel so strongly that the condition of today's people- that we are all feeling so burnt out, deeply stressed, full of worry- is in direct correlation with the fact that we have  forgotten we are amazingly powerful and capable beings. We are always searching for that which is outside our Self, instead of taking a moment to reconnect with what it is we already have. 

I am here to bring you back to You. 

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To book a session with me here in Bridgetown, please follow this link. Or you can email me here to have a chat. 

Love and blessings, 

Hayley x 

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