Chadds Bread

This recipe comes from my old blog, where I used to share recipes and mum-type business. I have copied and pasted the original blog post that I wrote all those years ago, as I still see it being used everywhere over the internet. If you're into baking, then ENJOY!


The infamous Bread Recipe!

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This bread works every single time and when they come out of the oven…well they are just too freaking good. We have passed this recipe on to many friends and family who always have the same result- light, fluffy bread that lasts well, freezes brilliantly and… actually, lets not kid ourselves- this bread hardly EVER makes it to the freezer. Once they come out of the oven, you just have to shove that stuff straight in to your mouth slathered in lashings of salty butter- and vegemite if you can be bothered to wait that long. Every time Chadd comes home he does a big bake up, adding to the collection of bread stuffs Ive been baking whilst he’s been gone. Today on the agenda was 50 vegemite and cheese scrolls, 2 large loaves of bread, 3 dozen rolls, and a dozen cheese and bacon rolls, along with 8 ham and cheese pizza breads. So, you know, just your regular Thursday morning bake session. This recipe is the same no matter what bread stuffs you make. Ive even used it for naan bread and the other day I made a stuffed Rosemary, Onion and Cherry Tomato loaf. I've decided to share the love and attach the recipe here for everyone to enjoy!


chaddsbread by hayleygemma


Easy as that! Now go forth and bake! And please let me know what you make. Dont forget to pin the recipe on your Pinterest board for later use, or share on social media if you like too! Much love, Hayley.