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Chickweed, Calendula and Chamomile Oil- SOLD OUT

Chickweed, Calendula and Chamomile Oil- SOLD OUT

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Herbal body oiling is a super simple but really powerful way to bring back the ancient practice of integrating plant medicine into your life. When you oil your body, you are bringing about a nourishing protection against the daily world. You are also connecting in to your body, reuniting with its rises and falls, its lumps, its bumps, and its profound beauty.

For me, daily body oiling has had a sincere impact on my relationship with my body. It is a ritualistic practice I will never tire of, as it calms my nervous system, gives me healthier, softer skin and helps me feel deeply connected with my Self.

This oil in particular, is deeply nourishing, reduces inflammation, and helps minimize itchiness.

It may also help treat eczema & other skin conditions.

Lather all over your body morning and night.

Ingredients- organic, homegrown (from seed) calendula, chickweed, and chamomile, slowly infused for six weeks (separately) in avocado oil.

sold out
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