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Tune In

Tune In


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Smoke Blend- to roll and enjoy, or to burn as a loose leaf incense blend.

I brought these smoking blends in to my practice as a way of connecting to the Air element in a sacred, tangible way. ‘Air’ is connected to Spirit, mystery, emotions and intuition, and I believe that smoking specific herbs can give us direct connection with the plants.

Lets invite some magic into our lives.

I like to use these blends in meditation, in circle under a full moon, or to manifest something in particular through lucid dreams.

Each blend comes packaged in a small tin and can be rolled as is, or ground in a mortar and pestle for an even finer experience. I like to use RAW hemp papers and filters (not sold here).

‘Tune in’ is the perfect smoke blend to connect in sacred meditation, to your guides, your devas, your higher self. I like to connect to these herbs before I work with a client using reiki and sound meditation. All herbs are organically grown.

damiana- for vision 
mullein- divination 
mugwort- astral projection 
rose- psychic powers and healing 
spearmint- provoke lust + sharpen powers

Tin size- 80mm x 25mm

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Not for sale to minors. Smoking is not good for your health. If you do choose to smoke, you do so at your own risk.

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