To Purchase, or to Barter?

    That is the question.


What do I mean when I ask whether you want to

'Purchase' or 'Barter'?

I truly believe that we need to be able to jump out of the consumerist cycle every now and then. I also believe our natural resources are being stripped incessantly because of our constant need to have 'More, More, More'!  The problem is that even though we may understand this, we also are not given many other alternatives as to how to go about getting that which we need and desire, without handing over shiny  currency. 

That is where I believe 'barter' comes in. 

We are all creative.

We all make and do and produce something of worth. I believe this wholeheartedly, and I want you to, too.  Do you bake a killer loaf of sourdough? Do you knit socks, crochet beanies, collect seeds from heirloom veggies, harvest honey from your backyard hives? Or are you able to edit blog posts, redesign logos, print labels, secure marketing deals, write for the local newspaper, take a mean headshot, or edit newsletters? Do you have a product you sell- candles, crystals, oracle cards, books, wind chimes, pickles, cookies, pillows, or pot hangers? 

What are you willing to swap for my product? 

Lets step away from only handing over money, and offer up our creativity instead.

I believe the energy exchange can become alive when this happens. You can feel proud to provide, and worthy to receive. Everything seems to mean a little bit more, because you know we each have given a little piece of ourselves in the exchange. 

Lets change the world, one swap at a time.



Ok Hayley, so how is this even going to work? 

Well, if you have found a product that has the 'barter' option on my website, place it in your cart and fill out the form that will immediately pop up on your screen. Leave me a detailed description of your item, so I completely understand what it is we are bartering with, and then continue on through to the 'purchasing steps'. Please remember that I live in Bridgetown, Western Australia, so make sure the barter offering is applicable to the distances between us. 

You will have to enter in your payment details, but you will not be charged by Hayley Gemma. (Some credit card companies may charge a payment regardless, which I have no control over. Check with your provider if you are concerned, before purchasing).

Shipping is the responsibility of the sender. We will not be charging each other that cost, so please factor that in to your barter.

***At this time, the Barter option is only available to those living within Australia. this is due to the understanding that shipping may be problematic when swapping over the sea.

Why should you enter in your details at all? 

I have set it up this way so I only receive legitimate, interested Barterers. I wanted to be able to stop anyone playing silly buggers with me- offering up a dirty old sock, or a half chewed sandwich, in exchange for one of my remedies. If you enter in your details, at least I know you are fully committed to this process.  

Not sure I'd be interested in what you have to swap? 

You can always send me an email first, before you go through to the payment options. 

And what happens if the barter doesn't happen?

Please note I have the option of saying no to your offerings. I may have too many of that item already, or maybe it's not something I think could work/be entirely useful to me right now. If I do say no, then I will 'refund' the barter online, and you have the option of purchasing the item instead. 

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