Sacred Space Workshop 21st September

Sacred Space Workshop 21st September

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This is an invitation for you to come and join me, Hayley Gemma, in my old stone home nestled deep in the south west of Australia, where I will hold you in sacred space and take you on a journey through plant spirit medicine and soul nourishing connection.

We will have a very full few hours together starting at 9:30 in the morning, where I will begin by welcoming you in to a gratitude ceremony around a stone campfire on a beautiful wooden deck by my home. I will take you through the healing powers of sound, integrating the call of the birds with the ring of crystal sound bowls, the beat of a shamanic drum and the chiming of bells. We will sit in circle like that till I feel your worries, the anxiety you have been holding, and the tension in your body all melt away into the smoking fire. We will then move into my newly built workshop space where will sit around a long table and delve into the magic of plant spirit medicine. Lining the tables will be bundles and bundles of herbs, those that grow in the gardens right by the barn doors, and those grown ethically and organically by others. We will learn to listen to the plants, engaging all our senses - how the herbs feel in our hands, how they taste fresh, steeped in water, and mixed with their allies. We will slowly build our own unique blended herbal teas, with a heavy emphasis on the intuitive process and what our Soul senses we need right now. You are welcome to make as many blends as you want, honouring all aspects of your body and its need for healing.

As an added side, I will also walk you through the process of hydrosol making- how I make them, what they can do for our bodies, what it means to the environment…and before you leave I will bottle your very own rosemary hydrosol for you to take home!

Whilst this is all bubbling away, there is the opportunity for up to two people to receive an energetic healing from me, in my meditation room upstairs of my home. I have trained, practiced, and been attuned to the Shamballa reiki modality. Shamballa is an extension of Usui Reiki, but is a little different as it combines three sources of energy namely Reiki, Mahatma Energy (I AM Presence energy) and the energies of the Ascended Masters, and focuses on a planetary rather than just personal level. It assists in reconnecting you to the full expression of your being, so that you can experience fulfilment in every aspect of your life. Participating in one of these sessions can be an absolutely wondrous experience. As I channel the energy through to my hands and into your body, you may feel different sensations, reckonings, and gentle healing occur. Alongside the Shamballa energy, I will use sound (bells, tuning forks, drums, rattles) and the spirit of our plant allies, where required. (This is limited to two people and will be on a first in, first served basis. You can see if the option to choose this added bonus is available when purchasing below.)

Once we have delved into the plant spirit world and its physical connection to our own unique Selves, we will tuck into some yummy snacks made by me, from the seasonal veggies growing in my garden. You will taste weed pesto, crunch on freshly harvested celery and broccoli, delight our senses with flower sugar cookies, and drink borage and mint laced rainwater- to name a few edible offerings.

Time permitting, we will also bundle up our very own smoke cleansing bundles with foraged plants grown around my home. Together we will wind twine around bright yellow wattle stems, leaves of eucalyptus, stalks of flowering rosemary, and seasonal flowers- including borage, calendula and chrysanthemums.

To end our sacred session, we will then move over to the most magical part of this land, to walk my stone quartz crystal labyrinth. Walking a labyrinth can be a very spiritual experience.
The spiraling inward towards the center of the labyrinth asks for us to go within, connecting us to our inner wisdom and personal spiritual truths. We reach the centre of the labyrinth, at the centre of ourselves and ground into that on which we stand. And then, when we are moving out of the labyrinth, we take this newly remembered spiritual knowledge and our affirmed connection to the Divine, and bring it out with us to the greater world beyond.
We hold the love we found within ourselves and spread it to all the corners of the earth. I hold space the entire time my attendees walk the labyrinth, as I find the journey of walking towards the centre brings up a lot of deep and reverent emotions. I encourage you to stand at the middle point for as long as possible integrating these feelings, as this then allows for quite a joyous and happy energetic return back from where you came.

This workshop has been designed specifically to cater for all people at all points in their journey. No previous knowledge of plant spirit medicine, meditation, or anything even slightly woo-woo is required. I offer this because I love to join in circle with others, and I consider it a privilege to hold space for those that need it. My intention is for you to give yourself over for a few hours, where you will be held and your Soul nurtured.

If you feel this is for you, please purchase below. I have kept the numbers very small, as I want to be able to provide each and every one of you the attention you require.

Thank you x

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Important Details-

  • Date: Saturday 21st September 2019

  • Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm (ish)

  • Location- Catterick 6255, WA. Between Balingup and Bridgetown. Address given after purchase.

  • 7 people maximum

  • Just bring yourself and an open mind.